I am currently working with artists Sara Davies and Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp to create a communal sketchbook for #theanglonordicarchive.

About the project, by Sara Davies:


Migrants commonly form communities in their new countries surrounding themselves with familiar customs and cultural material. #theanglonordicarchive is an artistic collaborative project creating a communal sketchbook, an online resource and platform for investigating Anglo-Nordic cultural memory through visual representations.

Part of a PhD project by Sara Davies titled ‘Representing Home in the Nordic Diaspora’ #theanglonordicarchive is investigating the experience of belonging in diaspora. It studies how visual images and symbols of home function in the reformation of identity in migrant communities. Exploring how a visual presence of Anglo-Nordic cultural memory can question the authority of national histories. It assesses how art practice functions as an act of dissensus questioning societies dominant beliefs.

The Anglo-Nordic artists Sara Davies, Ingrid Karlsson-Kemp and Helena Lee are collecting images that remind them of home. They are using mobile phone technologies to photograph and upload images via social media to a blog-based archive. This functions as a storage place for cultural memory containing a communal visual narrative of home. The images will be used in the artist’s practices forming three individual trajectories dealing with belonging. #theanglonordicarchive is forming the basis of a future public exhibition featuring the three artists work.